Foto Diego Bw

Diego Salvador
Born in Pederobba (Treviso-Italy) in 1949
Resident  in Trieste (Italy)

I have a degree in law. My professional activity was carried out by international companies as a senior executive and member of the board of directors. I was a lecturer at the university and at post-degree training courses by private organization. I found out photography during my visit to museums, exhibitions and art galleries .

The great photography masters enchanted my-self. My experience with the camera is recent. During 2008/2009 I attended a photography course by Istituto Italiano di Fotografia of Milan. Following in the years I attended other courses by Forma, Milan, and IED of Venice. My professional training continues every day. Not only photography workshops but I am also interested in many other subjects of photography: history, critical, philosophy, image reading and other topics relevant to the world of art.

Photography for myself is meditation, is an idea, is a plan. The opening words could come from the observation of material facts or abstract thoughts, from news, from a reading or other items. In the center always an idea as reference and as starting point. I think how to decline, to express and to carry out such a point.

The goal is how to cause a reaction, a curiosity, to raise a question in the viewer. I am interested in free glances and personal interpretations also besides the image. It does not matter if the opinions are positive or negative. Better the positive opinions but also the second ones are significant for my improvement. The key is to be able to excite emotion. I do not love apathy.
Starting from 2012 I have hexibited my works in sole and collective exbitions.
My photos are owned by italian and foreign private persons and public institutions.