Category : 2014

Exhibition VivaMenteLido (2014)

Ars Now at Ausonia & Hungaria Hotel – Lido di Venezia VivaMenteLido is an idea born from the passion and the enthusiasm of the President of Ars Now , Mauro Casotto. The Lido , the more particular among the Venetian islands . Rich in history, charm , culture, architecture , glamour and tradition. All elements for a stimulating and creative photographic project. A project declined on three significant issues: the first nucleus to seize and bring out as to say, […]

Self Portrait Exhibition (2014)

How to decline endlessly the self-portrait At Circolo of via Zovenzoni, the ironic and disturbing images of members If the expression in a portrait , the physiognomic characteristics , the gaze are vital clues to catch the interiority of a person, in the self-portrait the main points are introspective ability and courage to look inward . An emotional process in which one lays bare in a sort of split of the personality , as the body image of oneself almost […]