The master of photography Ugo Borsatti guest last evening, August 19, 2014, at Photographic Club Triestino. An evening full of atmosphere that emotionally involved all participants. The presentation of his latest work as a writer: Ugo e Noi. A work of particular historical and artistic depth. His photographs declined in a path between fragments of history, characters, shivers, crafts and stories of Trieste, are corroborated by an accurate contextualization. Not only as document, not only as description of the facts. His works scent of intellectual wisdom, express soul and excite. And so the master with his simplicity, modesty and vitality that characterize him, has enlivened the meeting with the heart and reason. He told his photographs enriching them with anecdotes, personal recollections, new details, but above all expressed deep passion for his work. Passion that everyone has perceived. And it is this feeling the real engine to carry out works appreciable and full of excitement. It does not matter whether through analog or digital means. Over time the society progresses and science provides new technologies. It is up to man exploit them. Indeed, beyond the means, the capacity of expression finds its roots in the significant ideas, culture, creativity, and as mentioned hereinabove in the passion. And last but not least, even if it should be a fundamental requirement , the technical knowledge to support any artistic goals. Thank you master. Goodbye to your next job.
Diego Salvador

During 2014 the Association Arsnow of Padua has made two significant photographic exhibitions. The first “Padova Liquid City” a solo exhibition by Diego Salvador at the Hotel Methis of Padua. A photo project about the city of Padua, where pictures speak for experimentation in the field of shape and light with innovative results. The second “VivaMenteLido” at the Hotel Ausonia & Hungaria in Lido di Venezia, a collective exhibition which was attended by 14 authors resident in Padua (Stefano Casali, Riccardo Ercolessi, Ornella Francou, Alessandro Frigo, Charles Galliotto, Alberto Garavello, Pierluigi Golfetto, Maria Luisa Liviero, Munaro Francesco, Francesco Pertini, John Sato, Mario Sguotti, Matteo Smania, Maria Elisa Zoccarato) as well as two special guests: Giovanni De Sandre of Padua and Diego Salvador of Trieste. In this second case the works concerned the Lido of Venice. A joint thematic declined on three strands of photography: the first nucleus directed to seize and bring out as it were, the soul of the physical and architectural elements of the sacred places; the second core turned to the most exciting and electrifying part of the island. That of the art nouveau and deco, hotels, exhibition of cinema; the third path instead focused to Malamocco, the ancient Metamauco dating back to 600. Borgo delicious with its Venetian houses from the colors that surround it in an almost surreal atmosphere. All authors have been able to express with their images really a path full of ideas and emotions. By whites and blacks and refined with tonal variations extolling the sacredness of the place, the symbolism of the objects and the thrill of the faithful of certain photos to the rhythm of the colors of some other photos . A series of images that convey a strong emotion and have fully exploited the photographic alphabet.

On both occasions, both at the vernissage and at the finissage the audience was not only large but also generous praise for the authors. The comfort were the results of the sales of the works that were in the first case 10 pieces sold and in the second 23. And this was a great satisfaction for the organising association that can ascertain its commitment towards the people less fortunate. In fact, the proceeds of the assignments of the works, the authors have given free of charge, are intended for non-profit Association Amici di Adamitullo, the subject that provides financial support for some time, and not only that, the programs of the Salesian mission of Adamitullo, Ethiopia. 600 children attending elementary schools and boys two years of high school.

Arts, Culture and Solidarity is the mission of the association Ars Now that continuously organizes events, meetings to raise funds for the non-profit association Amici di Adamitullo. And for this we can not but express our appreciation for the work and achievements of this organization that is driven by passion, enthusiasm and expertise of its president, Mauro Casotto.

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Diego Salvador