Order and Chaos (2018) Trieste


“Order and chaos”

Photographic exhibition by Diego Salvador

The author represents in this exhibition his special look of photographer through images of powerful impact, able to excite us and arouse conflicting feelings in us. Deep peace, in front of the stillness of the silent contemplating presences that are portrayed in the fascinating and familiar scenery of the Molo Audace in Trieste. Anyone who has sat in front of the sea knows perfectly the feeling of silence and inner peace from which one is pervaded and the photographic work n. 1: “Contemplation” is able to fully return that feeling. This is also the emblematic image of the exhibition, a heartfelt tribute by the author to the City of Trieste, which with his grumpy grace was able to conquer it, binding it to himself. Continuing in the virtual tour of this exhibition, told in words, we can come across the violence of conflicting emotions determined, on the one hand, by the strict order that transpires from the negative images, such as those of the Duomo of Milan, extreme architectural expression of the Gothic, or of the vertical forest. On the other hand we will be conquered by total confusion, freedom of imagination and dream, which is experienced by observing the chaotic images, intentionally moved and full of colors, of woods and trees of the Trieste Carso.”Order and Chaos”: recurring theme in the works of many Latin and Greek authors as well as philosophers, but also of contemporary authors and artistic movements, title and leitmotif of this exhibition. Order and chaos, concepts that have always been opposed and capable of exercising on man a powerful and equal fascination because, as Paul Claudel has masterfully expressed: “order is the pleasure of Reason, but disorder is the delight of Imagination”. Each one has to talk within himself, these images.

The exhibition, with free admission, will be inaugurated on Friday 11 May at 18:30 at the Bottega – Store of Marino Sterle in Viale Ippodromo, 16 and will continue up to June, 15, 2018