Self-Portrait (2013)

  • 2013 - Self-portrait four - Diego Salvador
  • 2013 - Self-portrait three - Diego Salvador
    Self-portrait three
  • 2013 - Self-portrait eight - Diego Salvador
  • 2013 - Self-portrait seven - Diego Salvador

Look and wonder who you are, how you see yourself, how do you think others see you. Investigate in your mind, in your heart and reminds your dreams. Imagine screened or dreamlike situations of tension and fear. You may also be suspended in the sky, swept away by the water of a river or caressed by light or shrouded by clouds. So grab your camera and stand in front of the lens. Author, subject and spectator at the same time. Photograph your body, parts of your body, your expressions, your moods in a way to remember you are looking for your identity and your feelings.

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