Self Portrait Exhibition (2014)

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How to decline endlessly the self-portrait
At Circolo of via Zovenzoni, the ironic and disturbing images of members
If the expression in a portrait , the physiognomic characteristics , the gaze are vital clues to catch the interiority of a person, in the self-portrait the main points are introspective ability and courage to look inward . An emotional process in which one lays bare in a sort of split of the personality , as the body image of oneself almost never coincides with the interior . A challenge that has always fascinated artists and photographers. Welcomed enthusiastically by members of the Photography Club Trieste in the show ” Photographic Self-portrait ” which opens at 7 p.m., at the headquarters of the association via Zovenzoni 4 . In summary, thirty-eight photographic self-portraits in which the personal self-image is caught by the mechanical eye of the lens through shots in black and white, color , tinged with irony or permeated from rarefied recall surrealist , form a diverse roundup in which the soul is laid bare . The Self-portrait raises a whole series of questions in both artist and in who observes the painting work or, in this case, photo,” says Rocco Colavito, member of the Circle and promoter of the festival. The members of the photography club Trieste choose therefore the delectable theme of the self-portrait declined in thirty-eight shots to inaugurate the activities of the association for 2014. Self-ironic images, or subtly disturbing, suggesting angularities character traits. Solar and well defined or, on the contrary, almost crepuscular. A review “psycho-photo-analytical”. The exhibition will remain open to the public until Tuesday, January 21 (from Monday to Saturday from 18 to 2a, the Sunday 10-12). Patpicc
Translation from “Il Piccolo” dated 14 January 2014