Traces Exhibition Mondadori (2012)

2a Brochure Traces Mondadori
2b Brochure Traces Mondadori
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Piccolo 3-07-2012 Mostra Traces Mondadori
“TRACES” of advertising poster
Tomorrow at 18.30 inauguration by Libreria Mondadori via Cavana 14 / b of the exhibition “Traces” by Diego Salvador. The exhibition will run until 31 August. Traces relates to a particular form of communication, advertising poster, or rather what remains of it after the passage of time. Giancarlo Torresani, in the brochure presenting the exhibition, said: “These photographs represent a unique research on the signs remained as evidence of other images that the time has regenerated and projected into a new reality.” Diego Salvador “as a good lover of the visual arts, he continues, exercises, through the lens of his camera, a refined and uncommon powers of observation on the metamorphosis of the billboards in the city.” Salvador lives in Trieste since 2009. Passionate art of photography began to photograph in 2008. This is his first show.
from “Il Piccolo” dated 3 July 2012